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Founded in 1989 by Lynn Peters Adler, J.D.
Centenarian Expert and Older Adults Advocate

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Centenarians: The Bonus Years, by Lynn Peters Adler is a compilation of more than ten years of research and interviews with more than 250 centenarians and their families. In the book, Lynn also addresses the social and health needs of centenarians and their families or caretakers. An extensive resource section was created to assist in navigating the many agencies and living aids available to the very elderly.

 Book jacket

Centenarians Tell It Like It Is — People who have lived 100 years or more tell it like it is... and how it was. For the first time ever, 25 centenarians tell all as they look forward to the New Millennium!

Topics range from "What's your secret?" to "Oh, those kids today" to politics. You name the subject, they've got over 2,500 years of opinions!

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Centenarians Tell It Like It Is 

Click here for more information, as well as behind the scenes photos.

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